Antique Tibetan Silver and Coral Belt Ornament ‘Lochab’ (#18-026)


This wonderful old Tibetan belt ornament is worked in repoussé silver with a motif of magical jewels surrounded by scrolling forms and at bottom a Kirtimukha face. The Kirtimukha is depicted as a gluttonous monster or demon, but he has a protective guardian-type function, often appearing above doors in architecture. The center of the ornament is set with a large natural coral bead. There is an open loop at the bottom, also decorated with gemstones and scrolling forms. The silverwork is attached with a rivet to a leather strap meant to be suspended from a belt. The condition of the piece is good and the silver has a dark patina and shows significant age and wear.

Circa: 19th Century.  Dimensions of Silver Portion: Height: 4 11/16″ Width: 2 1/2″ Total Weight: 122.4 grams

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