Klamath Twined Basketry-Covered Flask Circa 1910 (#18-068)


A rare and attractive Klamath basketry covered flask, likely dating to around 1910.  Basketry covered flasks and other objects are certainly not unknown among West coast tribes, but are fairly rare among the Klamath of Southern Oregon.  Twined entirely from tule reeds, with an attractive design that includes three bands of design in darker colored mud-dyed tule, as well as three bands of openwork twisted wefts.  Besides their aesthetic value, the openwork areas would serve the practical purpose of showing how much whiskey, or whatever liquid remained.  The flask itself has seams which run up each side of the mouth, and is threaded.  The lid is missing, though it is unclear whether it would have been basketry covered as well, or left plain and unadorned (one encounters examples of both).  In fine condition for its age, there is a chip to the lip of the bottle, and one break in the openwork twists at the bottom on one side, which can be seen in the photos.  A fine example of a rarer form of Klamath basketry.

Circa: 1910.  5 7/8″ H  3 1/2″ W

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