Old Ivory Coast Carved Wooden Figure (#18-080)


This interesting and expressive figure is well carved from hardwood, and likely comes from the Ivory Coast. The carving depicts a female figure with one hand resting on her hip, and one hand touching her head. She wears a fringed skirt and a sort of sash that forms an x across her front and back, as well as anklets and upper-arm bands. Her hat is especially interesting with a braid-like hanging element at the back, and an oval decorative element on the side that resembles an eye. The carving of the face is very well executed. The base of the figure bifurcates below the feet and the piece may in fact be a so-called ‘catapult’ or slingshot. The polish and patina of the wood suggest the piece has good age. I suspect it may date to the middle of the 20th century, but can’t be totally sure. There is a large crack that runs down the waist of the figure to the middle of the two-pronged base.

Circa: 20th Century 7 1/2″ H 3″ L

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