Gourgeous Deschutes Jasper and Silver Brooch (#18-072)


Beautiful artisan crafted sterling silver and Deschutes jasper brooch.  Date unknown, but likely 2nd-3rd quarter of the 20th century.  Some pieces photograph very well, but this is one of this pieces that the photographs don’t quite capture.  Although the stone is undoubtedly the centerpiece, the silverwork in this wonderful brooch is highly accomplished and complementary.  The large domed oval cabochon of picture jasper really resembles an oil painting, a landscape more precisely, and reminds me of a cliff overlooking the sea, with clouds being pushed by in the wind.  A really special and evocative stone.  The silverwork surrounding the stone is also especially fine.  The stone is set in a hand cut sawtooth bezel, ringed by silver drops, and radiating points.  The safety clasp is an early type, and the back has been cut to show the beauty of the back of the stone as well.  Unmarked, but tests as sterling.  Although the feel of the piece as a whole evokes Southwestern Native American work, the methods and details of manufacture suggest it was likely made by a highly skilled anglo artisan.

Circa: 2nd-3rd Quarter 20th Century.  2″ L  1 3/8″ H  Weight: 22.3 grams.

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