Persian Qajar Brass Hookah Cup Inlaid with Turquoise and Garnets (#18-044)


This gorgeous little vessel is the top cup portion of an antique Qajar dynasty Persian hookah or narghile water pipe. Hand made from brass, or perhaps a copper alloy, and inlaid with over 400 tiny turquoise cabachons, and nearly 50 garnets, in repeating arabesque patterns, it is a masterful example of the lapidary arts. Made in two pieces, the inner undecorated cup comes out of the stone-inlaid outer cover. The top portion of the cup swells or tapers out gracefully in the traditional manner. It has a fine dark patina and is in good antique condition with approximately 4 missing stones.

Circa: 19th Century 2 9/16″ H Rim Diameter: 3″

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