A Very Unusual SE Asian Miniature Gilt Lacquer Figurine of a Demon or Grotesque Creature (#18-038)


This strange tiny lacquer figurine is somewhat of a mystery to me. It is carved from wood with black and gold lacquer (a good deal of which has worn away), and shows evidence of significant age. The rather grotesque little creature crouches on a round pedestal base, with his hands on his knees. He has a huge mouth and pointed ears, as well as a tail, but is basically humanoid. He wears what appears to be an amulet or piece of jewelry affixed by crossed bands to his chest. Undoubtedly a demon or mythical being of some sort is represented. I am unsure whether the piece is from somewhere in the golden triangle, such as southern China, Thailand or Burma, or whether it is of Indonesian origin. A final detail is a sort of asterisk mark composed of three crossed lines on the base, which is somewhat reminiscent of marks on Burmese opium weights. A very curious, and I suspect quite rare old piece.

Circa: 19th Century Height: 1 5/16″

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