Eskimo Ivory Napkin Ring with Wonderful Polychrome Scrimshaw Design (#18-075)

Old Eskimo walrus ivory napkin ring with polychrome design of a wolf or dog, and a compass or mandala-like motif.  Circa 1st half 20th century.  For something as prosaic as a napkin ring, this piece has a lot of charm and artistic merit.  On one side is a scrimshawed wolf or sled-dog in red ink, with stippling on the body to indicate the fur.  He seems to be barking and his tongue lolls out from between his sharp teeth.  On the reverse is a compass like motif in both red and black ink composed of circle and dot and v-shaped elements.  The scrimshaw on this charming piece is attractive, and has a very folksy quality.

Circa: 1st half 20th century.  1 9/16″ L  1 5/16″ H