Old Bedouin Tribal Silver Cuff Bracelet from Siwa Oasis, Egypt (No. 1) (#18-036)


This large silver cuff bracelet was hand wrought from silver with tooled and stamped designs of a rather folky quality. This type of bracelet derives from the Siwa Oasis in Egypt, and may be the work of Mohamed Mekkawy, a Bedouin Silversmith who had his workshop there around the middle 20th century. Quite a heavy piece with a fine dark patina and some wear. It is marked with the Egyptian cat national mark (in use from the early 20th century until 1946) and an 800 silver mark, as well as a tughra and another mark which may be Mekkawy’s. I was unable to read the date letter mark. A beautiful and substantial tribal bracelet. Note that I currently have another bracelet of the same design and type for sale which is very similar but not identical.

Circa: 1940 2 7/16″ H Interior Circumference: 8″ Gap: 1″ (some flexibility) Weight: 135.5 grams

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