Incan Black Stone ‘Canopa’ Votive Container in the Form of an Alpaca Circa: 15th-16th Centuries A.D. (#18-010)


Pre-Columbian Incan canopa from Peru. Canopas were votive vessels used in ritual settings, in which offerings such as animal fat or coca leaves were deposited in the opening to ensure the continued health and fertility of the flocks. This fine example is simply but boldly carved in a naturalistic manner from the characteristic black stone. The opening in the animal’s body is deeply hollowed. The piece is well polished and the top of the head has carved lines indicating the hair. There are a number of areas of ancient damage to the stone, which can be seen in the photos, and which have been worn quite smooth in the intervening centuries. An aesthetically pleasing piece of ancient art!

Circa: 15th-16th Century A.D. Dimensions: 2 5/8″ H. 4 7/8″ W

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