An Antique Tibetan Bronze Needlecase (#18-039)


An interesting antique cast bronze needle case, of a type that is unique to Tibet. Strung with cord on both sides, the top portion simply slides up the cord to open, and the weight keeps the case closed when suspended. The lower portion may be a different alloy as the patina is darker than that of the top. Both halves engraved with typical Tibetan scrolling motifs. the bottom has two strands of brass beads with two flaming pearl type beads. A single pink glass bead adorns the top of the cord. An interesting ethnographic artifact. The wear and patina of the case suggest great age.

Circa: 19th Century Dimensions (of needle case only, without beads): 3 3/8″ H 1 1/8: W Weight: 64.1 grams

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